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Cultivating Community

Portraying work in local food system issues as experienced by people in the Monadnock Region

Doctoral Service Learning Project for Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition

Books & articles I'm reading now or have read recently:

Pine, A. M. (2016). Confronting Hunger in the USA: Searching for Community Empowerment and Food Security in Food Access Programs. Routledge.

De Young, R., K. Scheuer, J. Roush, and K. Kozeleski. (2016). Student Interest in Campus Community Gardens: Sowing the Seeds for Direct Engagement with Sustainability. Pages 161–175. The Contribution of Social Sciences to Sustainable Development at Universities. Springer International Publishing.

Burns, H., and W. Miller. (2012). The Learning Gardens Laboratory: Teaching Sustainability and Developing Sustainable Food Systems Through Unique Partnerships. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development: 69–78.

Walter, P. (2013). Theorising community gardens as pedagogical sites in the food movement. Environmental Education Research 19(4): 521–539.

Community, Culture, Social Change, Transition & Renewal

A Man Apart: Bill Coperthwaite's Radical Experiment in Living
Yes! Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions
Solutions Journal
The Myth of Progress: Toward a Sustainable Future, by Tom Wessels
Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World, by Margaret Wheatley
The Hidden Connections: A Science of Sustainable Living, by Fritjof Capra
Beyond You and Me: Inspirations and Wisdom for Building Community (4 Keys series), ed. by Kosha Anja Joubert & Robin Alfred
Center for Whole Communities
International Living Future Institute
Interaction Institute for Social Change
Donella Meadows Institute
Transition Network

Just, Healthy & Sustainable Food Systems

Stand Together or Starve Alone: Unity and Chaos in the U.S. Food Movement, by Mark Winne
Community Gardening as Social Action, by Claire Nettle
Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance between Corporate America and Anti-Hunger Groups, by Andrew Fisher
Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability, ed. by Alison Hope Alkon and Julian Agyeman
Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to Create Local, Sustainable, and Secure Food Systems, by Philip Ackerman-Leist
Food, Farms, and Community: Exploring Food Systems, by Lisa Chase & Vern Grubinger
Food Justice, by Robert Gottlieb and Anupama Joshi
The Food Activist Handbook: Big & Small Things You Can Do to Help Provide Fresh, Healthy Food for Your Community, by Ali Berlow

Gardening, Community-Supported Agriculture, & Permaculture

Environmental Education & Education for Sustainability

Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms and Communities, by David Sobel
The Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus, by Mitchell Thomashow
Sustainability in Higher Education: Stories and Strategies for Transformation, edited by Peggy Bartlett and Geoffrey Chase
Journal of Sustainability Education
Clearing Magazine
North American Association for Environmental Education
Children & Nature Network
Center for Ecoliteracy