Me & My Work

I am a Doctoral Fellow at Antioch University New England where I am developing research that explores the experiences of people involved in community food efforts in higher education contexts through the lens of community empowerment. My fellowship is supported through the work I do in workplace and community gardening, which supports garden-based learning, service, and leadership development to meet local needs for food security, wellness, and resilience. Elements of this work that inspire me most are creating connections, developing practices, and building capacities through direct and collaborative experiences with land, food, and people.

I am also a sustainability educator with expertise in program planning and evaluation, curriculum and professional development, project management, coalition-building, nonprofit leadership, volunteer management, campus/community engagement, writing, speaking, and teaching. I have facilitated garden-based learning for elementary, middle/high school, undergraduate, graduate, and adult audiences; led local coalition efforts serving farm and community interests through strategic planning, fundraising, and service on boards and committees; and worked with diverse stakeholders on challenging (fun) projects around improving access to healthy environments for all.

I see my work as cultivating knowledge and nourishing community. Along the way, I've developed a willingness to take risks; an ability to see edges as creative spaces; and an appreciation for our interconnected nature. I also bring to this work my passion for growing and sharing food, documenting stories through photography, and bringing marginalized voices to the table.

I created this blog in 2011 as an outgrowth of my professional and academic interests. It will continue to be a work in progress. Please CONNECT with me and share your ideas for collaboration.

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