"Gardens, scholars say, are the first sign of commitment to a community. When people plant corn they are saying, let's stay here. And by their connection to the land, they are connected to one another." - Anne Raver

Me & My Work

I am a Doctoral Fellow at Antioch University New England; a food systems and sustainability leader; and a workplace, school, and community garden educator. My work is about developing relationships and experiences, through gardening and other local food practices, that support learning, wellness, and resilience. My expertise includes program planning and evaluation, curriculum and professional development, project management, coalition-building, nonprofit leadership, community-engaged scholarship, writing, speaking, and teaching. I am currently developing research around the concept of community food empowerment.

I see my work as cultivating knowledge and nourishing community. To do this well requires a willingness to take risks; the ability to see edges as creative spaces; and an appreciation for our interconnected nature. I also bring to this work my passion for growing and sharing food, journaling through photography, and community engagement.

I created this blog in 2011 as an outgrowth of my professional and academic interests. It will continue to be a work in progress. Please CONNECT with me and share your ideas for collaboration.

My academic & work calendar - so you can join me!