My Work

I am a Doctoral Fellow at Antioch University New England where I am researching community food system efforts involving educational partnerships. My scholarship is supported through the work I do in workplace and community gardening, which involves leadership, education, capacity-building, and building relationships with diverse stakeholders. Community gardening is about so much more than growing food. It is about creating more nourishing, viable, and fair food systems that support ecological and social resilience in ways that engage all community members' voices. As someone who has experienced food systems from multiple perspectives, from food insecurity and reliance on food assistance programs to educating, leading collaborative efforts, facilitating programs, and growing and gleaning food, I am committed to supporting awareness of the connections between people, culture, and the land. My dissertation is entitled, "You Can Eat Change: Community Gardens, Higher Education, and Cultivating Social Identity."

I am a sustainability educator with experience in campus-community engagement, program planning and evaluation, curriculum and professional development, project management, coalition-building, volunteer management, writing, speaking, and teaching. I have facilitated garden-based programs for elementary, middle/high school, undergraduate, graduate, and adult audiences; led local efforts serving farm and community interests through strategic planning, fundraising, and service on boards and committees; and engaged diverse stakeholders in the good, deep work of cultivating knowledge and nourishing community. 

Along the way, I've developed a willingness to take risks; an ability to see edges as creative spaces; and an appreciation for our interconnected nature. I also bring to this work my passion for growing and sharing food, documenting stories through photography, and bringing new voices to the table.

I created this blog in 2011 as an outgrowth of my professional and academic interests. It will continue to be a work in progress. Please connect with me with me and share your ideas for collaboration.