Hindsight Gardens [est. 2020]

Hindsight Gardens [est. 2020]
My hybrid homestead/community garden in progress. Growing all the food we can for our family plus five 8-week garden basket subscriptions. More to come.

Butternut and hazelnut

Rosa rugosa

Rows of tomatoes

Brussels sprouts

Purple pole beans and golden bantam corn

Fava beans

Caribou, Katahdin, and Green Mountain potatoes

Jerusalem artichokes

Front garden - potatoes, bush beans, pole beans, corn, tomatillos, beets, green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini

Boot flowers


Purple kohlrabi

Four kinds of garlic

Sugar snap peas

Lamb's ear
This way

Potted herbs

Brewing garden


Facing north

Three more kinds of potatoes

Local character


You can do it

So fresh