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Gleanings from the US Food Sovereignty Alliance Northeast Assembly

This month I was invited to the US Food Sovereignty Alliance's Northeast Assembly, where courageous and thoughtful people from several different tribes and countries organized around the deep work of reclaiming the rights of workers, women, migrants, and poor people to land access, fair labor, and traditional food ways. I learned about connections between food sovereignty, agroecology, and food-as-medicine, and between current agricultural movements and and their historical framing in the context of colonization and white supremacy. This is heavy and important work that requires open-mindedness, vulnerability, and willingness to speak and listen to personal truth; I was fortunate to be in the company of such an inclusive and dedicated group to engage in this experience.

In small groups, assembly participants conducted a conjunctural analysis of food sovereignty in the Northeast region. This is a new process for me that involves dialogue to identify:
structure (economic, political, …