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Piecing together my own map: Choosing a dissertation off the beaten path, and other metaphors

I have been learning a lot about autoethnographic research over the last month. Here is a paragraph from my dissertation proposal about the potentially bewildering (but nonetheless exciting) adventure ahead:

Figuratively and sometimes literally, both autoethnography and dissertation research entail moving through uncharted territory. Anderson and Glass-Coffin state, “although it is generally accepted that autoethnographers ‘learn by going,’ little attention has been paid to the question of ‘how’ one learns and how one ‘does’ autoethnography… as a contribution to emerging scholarship” (Anderson & Glass-Coffin, 2013, p. 57). While methodological openness is a key virtue of autoethnography, it also presents a particular challenge for emerging scholars, who might “miss the trees for the forest” without a grasp of techniques of data collection that create the “bigger autoethnographic story or mosaic” (Anderson & Glass-Coffin, 2013, p. 64). In fact, Struthers' (2014) chapter on …