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Sharing from the Food Systems Leadership Network newsletter

Sharing from the Food Systems Leadership Network newsletter:Monday Nov. 19: Fail Fest Submissions Due Submit your failure and be in the running for a $250 prize! This is a great opportunity to think back on something that didn’t go quite as planned… or maybe missed the mark completely. What happened? What did you learn? Submit to present your failure during December’s live Fail Fest where participants will vote on the most epic failure and have an open forum to share their own experiences and lessons learned. Step One: Submit your failureStep Two: Register for the Dec. 5 Fail FestStep Three: See you Dec. 5!
Tuesday Nov. 20: Extended Deadline - Non-Profit Boot Camp RFP: Communications Course, anyone?! We got some GREAT proposals for the spring Non-Profit Boot Camp series, but there’s one topic that you’ve been asking for that we didn’t see in the mix: Strategic Communications. We’ve extended the deadline in the hopes of finding a communications strategist to design and deliver a course f…