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SEED: The Untold Story - Hosted by The Cornucopia Project on October 4

Get someone interested in food systems and sustainability through the story of the seed. The Cornucopia Project is a fabulous organization I had the pleasure of working with as an intern in 2011, and they're hosting a showing of this powerful film this weekend. Click the image for details:

Inspiration from "Improving Access to Food Systems Among Communities of Color: A Food Justice Issue"

In doing some background research for a literature review and photovoice research project I am conducting this fall, I came across the 2015 report, "Improving Access to Food Systems Among Communities of Color: A Food Justice Issue Report to the Oregon Food Bank"  - written by Alma M.O. Trinidad, Helen Camden, and Anne Coleman of Portland State University's Center to Advance Racial Equity Research, in cooperation with the Oregon Food Bank.

I am interested in this report for many reasons, and it's an excellent example of the kind of work I want to continue doing in my doctoral program and beyond. A few aspects I'll mention here are the authors' engagement and empowerment of community members in the process of research and advocacy, and the sensitivity with which they considered different cultural compositions of Portland neighborhoods. They did a great job of identifying the aims and methods of their research, and presenting their findings in a way that reflec…

Workplace gardening as civic ecology stewardship

Today I am reintroducing a story I published on Atavist earlier this year. Food gardening in the workplace benefits employees and workplace culture; addresses community hunger while enhancing local food systems; exemplifies creativity in business-university partnerships; and provides opportunities for research on many fronts - education, ecopsychology, sustainability and social justice, to name a few.

Full story: