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Feeding Good: Volunteering with Community Garden Connections

Here's what a Tuesday afternoon harvest looks like at the Westmoreland garden, where Community Garden Connections grows delicious, organic, healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs for local community members in need. It's one of the best, most enjoyable ways the Monadnock Region is working toward local food security and equity, and everyone is welcome to be involved. This is a great bunch of people to work with! Visit CGC's Get Involved page for info on opportunities to contribute.

Research & Rejuvenation

The first of three fall semester PhD weekends began with the Environmental Studies Colloquium, where Joseph Fire Crow graced us with the stories of his people, voiced through the drum, flute, and rattle. In Qualitative Research Methods, my cohort and I conducted practice interviews, preparing for final projects which will get us closer to our research goals. The theme for me, in both the colloquium and the interview, was rejuvenation. The hard work of PhD research happens in a kind of spiral. It is a calling far more personal and powerful than gathering up information; it is a craft that demands mind, heart, and soul. Fortunately, I walk in the footsteps of many others who have created the space to do this. Written on the back of Joseph Fire Crow's album, Legend of the Warrior, is a reminder that "the challenge to survive and thrive has always been so. How we express our experiences both past and present has also evolved with time. The challenge is to remember whom our relat…