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Come to "Policy on Your Plate": Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition's Quarterly Forum on July 10

Click here for the Eventbrite page - to register and to get in touch with Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition.

Those at the March forum responded overwhelmingly that more officials, lawmakers and representatives need to be at the table in order to grow a vibrant, safe and efficient local food system that:
enhances the health of our community
is profitable for farmers and producers
is accessible to all community members
conserves natural resources
is sustained by strong leadership and commitment in the Monadnock Region
learn what an Agricultural Commission is, and how to start one if it is right for your town
support established Agricultural Commissions
identify and advocate for State policy in support of our local food system
identify and advocate for National policy in support of our local food system

Therefore, this forum addresses the policy-focused goal of our region's Strategic Plan.

Meet State Representatives, national advocates, local leaders and Agricultural Commission …

MOOCs, Environmental Education, and Questions

This week, after noticing MOOCs (massive open online courses) featured in consecutive editions of the Chronicle of Higher Education, my curiosity about them has been rekindled. A couple of tech-savvy friends of mine discovered M.I.T.'s MOOCs a few years ago (though I don't remember them being called that at the time). Actual, full-fledged M.I.T. courses, offered to anyone, anywhere, for nothing? "Cool!" I thought. And that is where my consideration of MOOCs ended. It was too good to be true, right? MOOCs were "teaser" courses - higher ed "light," not to be taken seriously by potential employers. Trial versions of real courses, perhaps, to get geeks like me hooked on a subject and sell them on a full-scale degree (with accompanying full-scale tuition).

MOOCs crossed my radar screen again at the 2012 AASHE Conference & Expo, where Hunter Lovins delivered a rousing (if somewhat controversial) keynote on "Saving our Economic Ass". In exp…