How do food justice and civic ecology come together in community gardening?

Over the next couple of weeks, my goal is to finish a major essay on how aspects of food justice and civic ecology are reflected in community garden projects in higher education contexts. Two themes in the essay are sustainability pedagogy and bridging scholarship & activism, which come from thinking about community gardens as sites of learning and action. My aim is to pick out some of the assumptions, arguments, and connections in the literature and make meaning of them. It sounds like a lot, and it is. However, with moral support from my doctoral student colleagues, I am preparing to surmount what has been quite a hurdle in this scholarly journey.

In order to stay on track and sustain the sense of community that is so important to this work, I have set up a series of virtual, drop-in, co-working sessions. These are listed in my calendar, so if you are a student, writer, or practitioner in any field who would benefit from a mutually supportive environment like this, please join in…

Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition Introduces New Local Food Resource, "Cultivating Community"

Food Solutions New England has published a story on the service learning project I am now wrapping up:
Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition Introduces New Local Food Resource, "Cultivating Community"

The Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition (MFCC) has announced the launch of a new resource for Coalition partners and community members: a visual and narrative portfolio depicting the array of work people in the Monadnock Region are doing around issues of local food and the ways these individuals experience, relate with, and find meaning in the work. The photographic and written depictions, available to the public through MFCC’s website, can be used by organizations and stakeholders to enhance their own efforts, whether to inform promotional or educational programs, engage new members, apply for funding, or support collaboration. The collection can also provide a tool for farmers, service providers, educators, and others to reflect upon and communicate the value of their …

Winter events for food, farming, and community in the Monadnock Region

Monadnock Food Co-op:Coffee Hour Conversations Join co-op Board Members for coffee and conversation in our café so you can share what you love most about our co-op and what you would love to see at our co-op as we grow. These are informal drop-in events. Refreshments provided.
Tuesday, 1/30 from 9-10 am
Monday, 2/12 from 9-10 am
Monday, 2/12 from 11 am - noon
at Monadnock Food Co-op in Keene

Expansion Input Sessions
Learn more from our General Manager's presentation on the progress and plans we have made so far on our possible expansion project. Then, ask questions and contribute your input and vision for the future of our co-op so our Expansion Project Team can take your ideas into consideration during the design phase. Refreshments provided.
Tuesday, 2/20 from 6-7:30 pm
Thursday, 3/8 from 6-7:30 pm
at The Hive in the Hannah Grimes Center in KeeneMonadnock Farm & Community Coalition:Farm Marketing Workshops Free and open to the public. Topics: Labeling & Packaging, On-Farm Event …

2017 RootSkills Conference

The New England Grassroots Environment Fund's 2017 RootSkills Conference is coming up on November 30 - December 2 in Manchester, NH. I will be presenting "Care and Feeding of Educational Community Gardening Projects" with Leora Mallach of Beantown Jewish Gardens and Tori Dahl of Antioch University New England's Community Garden Connections.

Program description: Community gardening is a practice that takes place in many different settings and for many different reasons. Garden education can contribute to larger goals around wellness, sustainability, climate change, food justice, spirituality, connection to the land, and many other issues. Sometimes the balance between education and production can be a real challenge! Networks of gardens and gardeners present unique opportunities for learning and growth. Learn about two kinds of educational community garden projects in an interactive format that allows for exchange
of resources, creativity, and support.

Learning goals f…

2017 Feast on This! Film Festival

Sharing from the Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition:Join the Monadnock Farm and Community Coalitionand the Monadnock Food Coop for the  2017 Feast on This! Film Festival featuring films screened at the Los Angeles
Food & Film Festival + featuring Real Food Media's  POPUP Film Festival FILM SCHEDULE